My Previously Aired Radio Broadcasts

"Comparing God with God’s People"
"Jesus reveals Himself to all"
Interview With Glynda Lomax
"The Lordship of Jesus"
"Jesus is the Judge"
"God has wept over America" with Glynda Lomax
“A Call to Salvation to unbelievers”
"Prayer and Scripture reading”
“How do we Approach King Jesus”
“Interview with Jacob Toback” Part 3
“Interview with Jacob Toback” Part 2
“Interview with Jacob Toback” Part 1
“The Commonality of our Faith”
“How Deep does the Rebellion Run”
“Praise be unto His Name” A Teaching program
“A Look at 2nd Cephas”
“The Clash of Two Will’s-God’s Will & Our Will”
“Is Church any different than secular society?”
“Who can save us?”
“The Golden Rule”
“We are not ashamed of Jesus”
"Hyper-Grace & Once Saved Always Saved”
"Billy Graham Prophecy” Time to Pray
"Prophecy By Maurice Sklar December 2011"
"Firm up your own Faith & Belief through Bible Scriptures”
"Do you belong to God”
"All men are equally guilty-Even kings-Queens”
"Biblical Examples of Faithfulness”
“A Dire Warning about Lying”
The “Last Call” Repentance & Revival
"Interview with Babu George” “A Balanced Life”
"Mysteries within the Word “Races-Languages”
"Mysteries within the Word “Divine Recycling”
"God’s Faithfulness & Goodness to us-ward”
"The Signs of the Last Days”
"Examining Psalm 84”
"The Biblical Definitions of Sin”
"Head knowledge Vs Spiritual Understanding"
"Do you want Rewards and crowns?”
"Worship Music Mack & Rachel at "River Rock”
"Worship Music Mack & Rachel at Destiny”
"Worship Music Mack & Rachel at Destiny”
“Tokens-Promises” 3rd Program of 4
“Worship Music Rachel & Mack at Destiny”
"Worship Music-Rachel Bragdon at Destiny” +
"Worship Music-Rachel Bragdon at Destiny”
"The Fear of the Lord” How do we Honor Him?
"The Leadership of the Church, Is it in Trouble?”
"Being Wholly dedicated to God”
"The Authority & Power of God Almighty”
"Matthew 5 Part 3”
"Matthew 5 Part 2”
"Matthew 5 Part 1”
"God’s Judgment-Both Covenants"
"Endure this Life in unwavering Faith”
"The Difference between Milk and Meat”
"Lamenting over the Lost”
“Are You / we in the Faith?"
"Yielding yourself to the Lord”
“God’s Throne-His Seat of Authority” Loftin Song
"Half the world is unsaved: Evangelize"
"The Power of Praise”
"More Attributes of God-A Psalm-A Worship Song”
"Love one another”
“What are those things that are Pleasing to God?”
"How earnestly do we Believe in & Testify of God”
"Paradoxes in the Christian Life”
"The Seat of God’s Authority & Power is Forever”
"The wickedness before our eyes: The TV”
"The Joy of the Wedding/Marriage to Jesus”
"A secular Miracle which is no Miracle at all”
"Walking in Personal Integrity”
"Sowing & Reaping-a different perspective”
"The Idols of our Lives”
"The Cross of Jesus Christ-A Place of Sacrifice"
"Prayers for the New year” 2002
"Seeking the Lord while He may be found”
"The Depths of Worship-What does God like”
"Making sure you are saved”
"The Covenant Keeping of Marriage”
"Beginning of Sorrows” America first to go?"
"The Dynamics of being Born Again”
"What is the work of God?-To Believe on Jesus”
"Running the Race, Finishing-Enduring to the End”
"Why things are the way they are-Two Kingdoms”
"A Different Look at the Covenant of Marriage”
"We shall all give account of our lives to God”
"Proclaim God’s Message as John the Baptist did”
"God Possesses all things”
“Is the Body of Christ divided?”
“Study to show thyself approved unto God”
"The Believers response to the NWO”
"Church Leadership & the 5 Fold”
"Living in the Will of God-Yields Heaven”
"The full armor of God-Spiritual Warfare”
"Our Daily Walk”
"Another look at the Deity of Jesus Christ"
"The Complete Christian Man” Multi-Program
The integrity of the Believer & Clergy”
"The Curse of Idolatry"
"The Cross and Blood of Jesus Christ"
"Consequences of Sowing and Reaping"
“Multi-Programs General Topics”
“Interview with Dr. Jerry Howell” Multi-Programs
“Multiple Programs General topics”
“Multiple Programs General topics”
“Multiple Programs General topics”
Understanding Salvation, Life & Death” Multiple Programs
"Directives from the Word-men" Multi-programs
“What good things did Jesus do for us” Multi-Programs
Multiple 1990’s Programs General Topics”
"Kingdom Marriages Vs Secular Marriages" (2nd Program)
“Interviews w/ Rick Wiles” "Flip Benham"
"Interview with Eric Barger” Original
Interview with Dr. Carl Baugh” Start at 11 MIN
“God’s Gifts to us-Our gifts to God” 4 Programs
"Jesus came as a Servant” “Knowing God”
“The Godly Sorrow of the Repentance" 4 Programs
"Repentance” “The Will of the People” 4 Programs
"Donning the Full Armor of God”
"Godly Character during hard times”
"Staying True to God-our Steadfastness”
"When the Pattern is right-We worship God”
"Part 2 of Defining Grace”
"2 Prophetic Words read”
"What “is” Biblical Grace”
"Interview Glynda Lomax-Wilderness Companion"
"Micah 6:8”
"Where is the Love of God that we can see?”
"Checking ourselves as a people before God”
"God establishes Governments-But the devil usurps”
"The Creation of God Vs the lie of Evolution”
"New Beginnings-The start of a New Year”
"The Traditions of Men"-“The Holidays”
"Are we Preparing the way of the Lord"
"Are we in Harmony with God”
"The Book of James"
Interview With Glynda Lomax
Read by Glynda Lomax
“More End Times Warnings”
“Great Woe coming to our Land”
“The Fears of Men Vs The Fear of God”
"Is your name written in the Lambs Book of Life”
"Understanding Salvation”
“Interview w/ Glynda Lomax Famine Msg PT 2”
“If you do not know the Lord-All is Vanity”
“Revisiting the Foundations of our Faith”
“A Better Resurrection through good works”
"Praying program” “Endure-to be seated w/Christ”
“God’s Blessings?-What are His Blessings?
"Lamentations-America” & “Are you Ok with God”
"Our Voice is significant to God & others” 2nd Program
“Unbelief” 4th Program
"Romans 5” 1st of Multiple Programs
Worship Music 2nd Program of Multiple Programs
Interview with Kent Fowler of-Victory Concepts
Multiple Programs
"Teaching on Prayer" 2nd Program
Other Programs are Preaching & Worship Music
“The Suffering of Jesus on the Cross”
Multiple Programs
Defining the Worship of God
"Sorrow for Sins" & Seated in Heaven"
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"Integrity in the Workplace" + 3 Programs
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"The Family Unit" & "Why do People Perish?"
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"New Testament"-Audio Clips
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"The Deity of Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit"
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4 General Lessons from the Word
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3 General Lessons from the Word & 1 Worship Prog.
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"The Fallacy of Evolution"
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"Our Walk of Faith-Firm Unto the End"
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"3 General Lessons from the Word-1 w/worship music
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"Cry Out To God" + 3 other Prog.
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"The Complete Christian Man"
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5 Great General Lessons from the Word
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"I desire to bring you up"
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"Fidelity Unto God"
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"Being a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ
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"Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord'
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"A Look at Psalm 95 & Hebrews 3
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"Bow the Knee-Worshipping God from the Heart"
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