My Bio

     Brother Steven C. Millhorn of Expounder Ministries was born and raised on the buckle of the Bible belt, known as Dallas Texas. He was reared to love his parents, family, and church very much, but in the course of time this young man forsook the God of his fathers and ran headlong after women, alcohol, gambling, and disco dancing.

     Through the power of his family's prayers and those of his beloved "Church on the Rock" (80's Larry Lea)(90’s Jerry Howell)(2000’s John Bragdon-Jerry Howell), this author turned from the pleasures of Satan unto the glorious life of God in 1985. Brother Steven, an ordained minister of Jesus Christ by Law of Liberty Ministries (Randy Richter), has studied under all that Christian television, radio, and his beloved Pastors have taught. He has spent hundreds of hours in Bible study, singing to God, prayer, and believes himself to be a zealot for God.

     From my heart to yours: “Hereto for and understand, that I depend wholly upon the risen Son of God. With all my heart, I trust in God, His Holy Word, and the indwelling Holy Spirit for all of life's needs”.

Dear ones, I hope you enjoy listening to all of the messages God has given me over the years from the 90's until this present year of 2017. There may be a few programs with a little hiss or are scratchy but the high majority of these Christian Radio Bible Teaching Programs are loud and clear. You may encounter a rare duplicate radio program (maybe) but there are not many.

 Attention all Licensed Christian Radio Stations: You are at liberty to rebroadcast any of these listed programs-only on the condition that you air them in their entirety. These Programs have been Publicly Aired on Christian Radio stations in the U.S., and on Shortwave Radio and on the Internet Radio.

All of my Radio Bible Teaching Programs were so numerous, I couldn't load them on this one web site alone. To discover dozens more programs you can go to 

Expounder Ministries officially began in December of 1993 as a fledgling Radio Bible Teacher in Dallas Texas on KPBC 770am the Witness. I had been writing and developing simple Bible teaching notebooks and doing a little Jail ministry prior to the start of Expounder Ministries.

Steven Millhorn of Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teacher-Author-Audio recording artist