Greg Millhorn the Poet

Greg Millhorn the Poet



Once there was a rich man 

The richest in our town 

He always despised the poor 

Upon them he looked down 


One day a little fellow 

Stopped him on his way 

It was the same crippled boy 

He passed by every day 


The lad was selling apples 

Just to make ends meet 

The miser couldn’t spare a dime 

On such an extravagant treat 


The rich man noticed one day 

The lad was no longer there 

Someone told him he had died 

And was in the Father’s care 


That night the rich man died 

And straight to hell he went 

Somehow through the smoke and ash 

He smelled the apple’s scent 




There was a certain man 

Going to church one day 

Finding a penny on the ground 

He thought to give away 


This man would always give 

To God and everyone 

He was a generous man 

Giving everything under the sun 


At church the plate was passed 

The penny was dropped right in 

The usher saw the disgraceful act 

And thought, what a sin 


In anger the usher rebuked him 

Telling everyone, give him the axe 

The usher felt like such a fool 

When he found out all the facts 


Yes, a lesson was learned that day 

And now I truly see 

Never to judge anyone 

Because the usher that day was me 




The old work horse 

Pulled the hearse along 

Business is very good 

Was the undertaker’s song 


One man was born 

Another man died 

The undertaker watched 

As the man’s family cried 


Death is all around him 

And he doesn’t care 

But God will judge 

Being Righteous and fair 


Just worry about business 

Was the undertaker’s plan 

Having no interest 

In the family of Man 


Now the hearse has no driver 

But the horse knows the way 

And business is still good 

The undertaker died today 




Nothing but death 

Was across the land 

There were no righteous ones 

To make a stand 


The wickedness of man 

Was out of control 

Defiling his body 

And destroying his soul 


Lovers of darkness 

Afraid of God’s light 

Trying to hide 

From His Holy sight 


Given over to lust 

And perverted thinking 

Worshipping their idols 

In fornication and drinking 


Without caring or understanding 

For the poor and his needs 

God shall judge them 

According to their deeds 




Fruits of the Spirit 

Are sown in love 

It is what god desires 

From Heaven above 


Faithfulness and goodness 

Also self-control 

All from the garden 

To enrich your very soul 


When growing in real grace 

And God’s mercy too 

The Lord’s strength is yours 

There’s nothing you can’t do 


For he who plants peace 

Will find exceeding joy 

Founded on the Rock 

That no man may destroy 


God’s gentleness and kindness 

Is waiting for us all 

Jesus leads us to the garden 

If we listen to his call 




Crucify your flesh 

And all it brings 

Let His Spirit come forth 

As a living spring 


Don’t be discouraged 

Then sin enters in 

Just trust the king 

You’ll always win 


There are many things 

We don’t understand 

But love thy neighbor 

That is His command 


Be a righteous man 

Never brag or boast 

Be filled with Jesus 

And the Holy Ghost 


Remember my friends 

Grace is for you 

Only accept His love 

You’ll be saved too 




In these last times 

When days are dark 

Murder is running free 

To trample life’s spark 


The innocent are slain 

And the guilty go free 

Standing up for justice 

Is how it should be 


When someone is troubled 

Give him your hand 

Show them the right path 

On solid ground you’ll stand 


Be bold for the Lord 

At the same time be meek 

Humility is taken for weakness 

Strength can turn the other cheek 


Let the greatest among you 

Be the servant of all 

Straight up to the Father 

None need not fall 




O’ wicked Babylon 

How long will you stand 

Before the Lord chastens you 

With His mighty hand 


You mock God’s Holiness 

And shed innocent blood 

As in the days of Noah 

Before God sent the flood 


Your Government is corrupted 

And out of control 

Living for greed and lust 

Ready to sell it’s soul 


Murder and violence 

Is the order of the day 

Your people do not care 

If it stays or goes away 


If you forsake the Lord 

You must accept your fate 

O’ wicked Babylon 

Your hour is getting late 




The Lord can save your soul 

And make burdens easy to carry 

Is the Second Coming near 

Or will he tarry? 


Put all your trust in Him 

He may be here today 

Only the Lord knows 

If He will delay 


He went to prepare a place 

So all can live in peace 

The Master’s work is genius 

His wonders never cease 


So strengthen your hearts 

On His love you can depend 

It will put your mind at ease 

Knowing in Him you have a friend 


The Lord can save your soul 

And make burdens easy to carry 

Is the Second Coming near 

Or will He tarry? 




Dear God in Heaven 

Guide us to thee 

The wages of sin is death 

With our hypocrisy 


The time is coming 

When you have to choose 

To serve the Lord 

Or your soul you will lose 


My friends a leopard 

Can’t change his spots 

But if you listen to the Lord 

You can change your thoughts 


The world around us 

Does not hear His voice 

But we harken unto the Lord 

We have made Him our choice 


People in the world 

Care for nothing but their greed 

But true Christ followers 

Care for other’s needs 




The owner of the land 

Sent servants to see 

If the caretakers were honest 

As they should truly be 


Upon the servants arrival 

They were beaten without care 

And sent back to their master 

Who was honest, just and fair 


The owner sent His Son 

So they would understand 

That everything belongs to Him 

And obey His command 


But they killed His Son 

Out of jealousy and greed 

He must bloody His hands 

For now He will intercede 


He will call His army 

Millions and Millions strong 

They will kill those wicked servants 

And right this terrible wrong 




The morning is peaceful 

All quiet and still 

Hear the Lord’s voice 

And then do His Will 


Always searching for others 

To lend a helping hand 

So they can be part 

Of the Master’s great plan 


When walking life’s road 

Not a stranger you’ll meet 

God’s love representative 

To everyone you greet 


Jesus opened His arms 

For us to embrace 

We long for the day 

To look upon His Face 


But there’s a lot of work 

For all of us to do 

Many souls to be won 

Before we are through 




When things of this world 

Really have you in despair 

Remember child of God 

That Satan is never fair 


If everything is good 

He wants to bring it down 

Hoping to steal your joy 

Turning your smile into a frown 


People are going to hurt you 

Sometime or some place 

But know that Jesus loves you 

And you’re covered by His grace 


Some will never know 

The happiness Jesus brings 

They are blinded by Satan 

And busy worshipping things 


It is a blessing to know 

For you and for me 

Once held by worldly chains 

But through Jesus, now we’re free 




Give and you’ll be blessed 

This man knew what to do 

He always gave in secret 

Carefully, thinking it through 


He gave generous alms 

When the offering came around 

Some people felt it their duty 

This man must be found 


Even the preacher wanted to know 

The identity of this man 

The one who gave so much 

According to God’s plan 


They finally found this man 

Giving him honor and special place 

The man got very angry 

Knowing this was a disgrace 


The rich man wanted none to know 

Except God in Heaven above 

For the Father sees things in secret 

But rewards openly with His love 




Whenever you judge thy neighbor 

And others you want to condemn 

Remember what Jesus taught us 

Everyone is worth saving to Him 


My wonderful sinless Jesus 

Poured life’s blood out His veins 

No one took it he gave it 

To cover man’s sin stain 


We have access through Jesus 

To reach the Father’s throne 

To God we boldly come 

Our sin he did atone 


People be faithful to Jesus 

And also to one another 

Everybody do what is right 

Try to love your brother 


When ever you judge thy neighbor 

And others you want to condemn 

Remember what Jesus taught us 

Everyone is worth saving to Him