My brothers and sisters, Welcome!

Since the early 90’s onward, I have attempted to become a writer-author and had formerly published these works on the Internet via your local e-book sites like Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble etc. But I have withdrawn these works and decided to offer them to those who may want to read them for free.  My skill as an author is woeful, but I put together a few Titles along with my brother Greg and are now free for the asking. These are large document files which will be sent using High Tail. Here is the list of Titles that I have:


“His Preeminence” A Modern day Christian Love Story

“Highlights Notebook of the Holy Bible”

“The Adventures of Faith Collection”

 The Adventures of Faith Collection is actually six mini-books in one giant volume, which titles are:

 1.         “The Patience of Jesus Christ subtitled "How Great Thou Art"

 2.         “The Morality of God for Man” subtitled: “A Head to Toe Look at the Body”

 3.         “Deliverance from Egypt and the Human Condition"

 4.        “Once Saved Always Saved" subtitled: “Truth or a Damnable Heresy”?

 5.        “Predestined Choice”

 6.        “Americans on Broadway” subtitled: "A Message to the Church"


“The Examination of the Well Studied Christian Man”

“The Thirteenth Apostle and the Sacred Quill”  Available in audio form only-CD's

"Expounder Ministries Ordination Exam"            Not Published Publicly

“Millhorn Brothers Christian Poetry” where  Greg Millhorn is the Majority Writer